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Workers Killed in Construction Collapse

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In another tragic example of improper training, two workers and a doctor sitting in traffic were killed when a scaffold collapsed at construction site in Boston, sending a 10-ton platform plummeting 13 stories onto a busy street.

According to The Boston Herald

The report, submitted by the general contractor, revealed the accident was apparently caused by laborers who tried to dismantle the scaffolding 26 days ahead of schedule, failed to use a crane during the procedure and then mistakenly removed a crucial metal tie.

“It appears that one of the (Bostonian Masonry Corp.) employees removed the last tie point connecting the mast to the building which led to an unstable condition,” the report stated.

Federal regulations require contractors to prove that their laborers are adequately trained to use their equipment . Failure to do so may mean harsh penalties. It appears that this tragedy could have been avoided if the contractors had taken the time to follow the law and properly train their workers.