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Thousands Flee Toxic Chemical Explosion In North Carolina

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A massive chemical fire has forced thousands to flee their homes in Apex, North Carolina, just outside Raleigh. The explosion took place at the EQ Industrial Services plant late Thursday and the fires and explosions continue.

According to the Houston Chronical:

EQ Industrial Services handles a wide array of industrial waste, from paints to solvents, and houses chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sulfur and fertilizer. In March, the state Department of Natural Resources had fined EQ $32,000 for six violations at the plant, including failing to “maintain and operate the facility to minimize the possibility of a sudden or non-sudden release of hazardous waste … which could threaten human health or the environment.” But Doyle cautioned that the violations might not have had anything to do with the fire.

Thankfully, so far no one has been killed but dozens of people are suffering from respirator distress and pulmonary problems and 25 workers have been taken to the emergency room. The company may be at risk for the damage it has caused and for the people that get sick.