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Pesticides In The Fields May Lead To Defects in Workers' Babies

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According to the Palm Beach Post, a report by North Carolina health officials has strengthened the hypothesis that exposure to pesticides helped to cause severe deformities of three babies born to migrant farmworkers who worked for a Florida-based tomato grower

The report said,

“Data indicate a plausible association between possible pesticide exposure and the limb deficiencies.” Investigators believe that his mother, Francisca Herrera, unknowingly worked as many as 256 hours during restricted periods. The 29-page report said that at least two of the pesticides to which she was exposed are known to cause limb defects in animal testing. Ms. Herrera told investigators that she was sprayed with pesticides while working.

In some cases, state workers’ compensation laws may provide benefits but very often these workers’ have little education and can be exploited by their emoployer and more needs to be done to protect pregnant workers.