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New Jersey Bus Accident Victims Mourned

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Yet again, driver fatigue causes needless highway deaths. It appears that the driver of the tour bus that crashed in northern Chile may have falled asleep, according to the prosecutor in charge of the accident.

The bus was carrying American tourists back to their cruise ship when it plunged hundreds of feet down a hillside in the Andes Mountains, killing 12 of the passengers. According to USAtoday.com:

‘It tumbled more than 300 feet and ended up crushed and on its side. Rescue crews found the bodies of the victims spread out in the area along with some of their belongings, including local handicraft bags.”

Chilean government officials said that the the bus was unregistered and not authorized to transport passengers. The tragedy was compounded by the fact that 10 of thos killed were all neighbors and residents of the same retirement comminity in New Jersey.

This types of fatal bus or truck accidents should not happen if the divers are given the proper rest, training and equipment.