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Ricky Bagolie
Ricky Bagolie
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Job Caused Cancers on the Rise

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According to the International Metalworkers Federation,

A new cancer prevention guide, reveals that over 600,000 deaths a year – one death every 52 seconds – are caused by occupational cancer, making up almost one-third of all work-related deaths.

Workers are exposed to many types of potential cancer causing agents. Very often the cancer may develop after the worker retires from the job. Any cancer that can be related to job exposures should be covered under workers’ compensation. “These include but are not limited to lung, stomach, colon, mesothelioma, throat and leukemia” said workers’ comp attorney Ricky Bagolie.

The goal is to create a zero cancer standard and the guide is avaiable on the union website at: www.imfmetal.org/cancer.