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Help – my job will not authorize an MRI

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What do you do when you need an MRI to help evaluate your injury but the job will not authorize the test? You need to fight them in workers’ compensation court.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law gives nearly complete control of medical care to the employer. Consequentially, injured workers often find themselves being shortchanged on the nature and extent of treatment and testing.

There is hope. New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law also provides for an expedited remedy when a doctor prescribes treatment or testing which is denied by the insurance carrier. You must file a Motion for Medical Treatment and Temporary Disability Payments in the Division of Workers’ Compensation. A doctor’s note that outlines the nature of the treatment or testing sought and that it is related to the work accident must be attached. There are specific procedural requirements that need to be followed which are best left to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers concentrates on representing injured workers who have suffered a work-related accident, injury or disease. These injuries include traumatic accidents, occupational diseases, and injuries caused by toxic substances or repetitive motions. Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys have the knowledge and the experience to protect your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Laws of the State of New Jersey.