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Firefighter Vulnerable to Hepatitis C Infection

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Firefighters are at risk of contracting Hepatitis C and should get tested to screen for this deadly disease. According to the American Liver Foundation,

“Hepatitis C and Risk Factors for Firefighters, In this category we include firefighters, who in the course of their work find themselves in many situations where they may be exposed to blood. The primary route of hepatitis C virus transmission is through blood-to-blood contact. This increases their risk of exposure to hepatitis C.”

Hepatitis C often shows no symptoms until significant liver damage is done. This is why you must get tested. For people who do show symptoms, early ones can include:

Mild fever
Muscle or joint aches
Vague abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Mild flu symptoms
Many of these symptoms go undetected because they are so mild and can disappear completely until serious damage has occurred.

Symptoms of advanced hepatitis C:

Jaundice (skin or eyes that are yellow-green in color)
Abdominal swelling

Very often these claims will be covered under the employer’s workers’ compensation policy although the claim may be denied and it will take a lawyer familiar with firefighter issues and workers’ compensation claims can help get the benefits.