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Senate Rejects Medical Mistake Limitation Bill

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In a victory for consumers and victims of medical errors, the Senate on Monday rejected two Republican backed malpractice bills. The first Bill would have capped jury awards in all lawsuits against doctors and health care institutions; the second would have applied caps only to cases involving obstetricians. Studies have proven that restricting a patient’s rights would not reduce a doctors’ insurance premiums as the rise in insurance costs is linked to the insurance industry’s losses in the stock market and not to lawsuits.

According to the New York Times:

Three Republicans — Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Michael D. Crapo of Wyoming and Richard C. Shelby of Alabama — joined with Democrats in blocking the measures from consideration. It was the fourth time in the past three years that Republicans had tried, and failed, to bring medical malpractice legislation to a vote in the Senate.

Caps on lawsuits do not work and primarily hurt those with a limited potential for economic loss such as children, senior citizens and stay at home moms.