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Lawsuits Filed in Peanut Butter Recall

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On Feb 14, the Food and Drug Administration warned consumers not to eat any Peter Pan or Great Value brand peanut butter in jars bearing product code 2111, which came from a ConAgra plant in Georgia. All products with that code, purchased since May 2006, have been recalled for fears that they contain salmonella, a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, fever and chills. Most people who get salmonella recover within a week or 10 days although severe cases involving hospitalization or death are not uncommon.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officially says that nearly 300 people in 39 states, including four people in Washington, have been sickened since August. Not all cases have been linked to contaminated peanut butter. The CDC has attributed no deaths to the outbreak.

Donn Moyer, spokesman for the state Department of Health, said cases aren’t officially counted until epidemiologists have verified that a person had the implicated strain of salmonella — in this case, Salmonella Tennessee.

Individuals who have gotten sick should seek medical attention, save the jar of peanut butter for testing and contact an attorney for a free and no risk consultation.