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European Link to Eye Fungus Troubles Bausch & Lomb

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More bad news for Bausch & Lomb as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has notified the company additional cases of Fusarium keratitis involving contact lens wearers have been linked to another of its products. The CDC has found some 27% of the reported cases of the rare fungal infection in contact lens wearers occurred in people who had used ReNu MultiPlus, a contact lens storage solution that has approximately a 40% share of the market. Further, The continued spread of Fusarium keratitis cases around the globe raises serious questions as to the safety of these contact lens solution products in general.

According to Newsinferno:

ReNu With MoistureLoc, with a market share of less than 10% ($45 million in sales in 2005), has been linked to a high percentage (57%) of the Fusarium keratitis cases. According to a statement from Bausch & Lomb, it was this inordinately high proportion of ReNu With MoistureLoc cases reported to the CDC that prompted the voluntary recall of the product pending an investigation.

Spike of the occurrence of infection in Asia, the United States and Europe may lead to a backlash against the Company as their delay in launching a full recall is a real problem . Their failure to react may ultimately form the basis of punitive or punishment damage claims.