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Ricky Bagolie
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Beware the Dangers of Defective Automobile Seats

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Poorly designed or defective automobile seats can cause unnecessary injuries in rear impact collisions. These injuries could have been prevented had the seatback designs and manufacturing defects been replaced with proven safety measures that have been readily available for a long time. Problems with automobile seats can be attributed to non-sturdy and defective parts, including seatbacks, seat tracks, and recliner mechanisms.

A seatback should be able to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe by keeping the individual from moving forward and impacting the interior of the vehicle in a collision, or even worse being completely ejected. Automobile seats are not required to be tested in crash tests, and there have been recent tests showing the insufficiency of seatback standards. Safety standards today do not suffice in preventing fatalities and serious injuries are resulting from the lack of proper seat strength standards.