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Jenny Albano

Patients at Risk from Long Island Doctor Who Reused Needles

At least 630 patients may be at risk for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C after a Long Island doctor reused needles and syringes on patients, states new York health officials.The at risk patients were only notified of the problem last week after a three-year investigation was finished. It is known that at least two of the doctors patients have already contracted hepatitis C, which is an…

Ricky Bagolie

Congress Fails in Hursing Home Abuse Oversight

An article in the New York Times over a six year period, Congress has failed in it’s oversite of bad care in nursing homes. Bad homes that mistreated their residents received minimal or no penalties. This is no surprise as the billion dollar nursing home industry has many legislatures in their deep pockets. Nursing home residents who receive bad care or are mistreated may have the right to…

Ricky Bagolie

Call for Sprinkler Systems in Hursing Homes Following Fatal Fires

Federal regulators are calling the up to 2500 of the nation’s oldest nursing homes be retrofitted with sprinker systems following a rash of deaths due to nurisng home fires. This would be a great step toward helping to protect this vulnerable population although I am sure that the rich, powerfull and gready nursing home industry will fight it tooth and nail.

Ricky Bagolie

Families Can Fight Improper Transfer From A Nursing Home

Do not let a nursing home threaten to transfer or discharge your loved one. Too often, a facility may respond to resident’s difficulties or increasing need for care or repeated questions or complaints from family members by transferring or discharging the resident. The Nursing Home Reform Law of 1987 protects residents from involuntary transfer and discharge. It prohibits nursing homes from…

Ricky Bagolie

Restraints Used in Nursing Homes Can Cause Harm

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 states the resident has the right to be free from physical or chemical restraints imposed for purposes of discipline or convenience and not required to treat the resident’s medical symptoms. This means that only a doctor can prescribe restraints after a careful assessment of the resident’s condition. This helps ensure that residents are treated in such a…

Ricky Bagolie

Neglectful Nursing Home Kills Another Resident

In a disturbing trend that that occurs in every state, a neglectful nursing has killed one if it’s residents through poor care and abuse. According to the West Virginia Record, a Charleston nursing home that cared for a 77-year-old woman is being sued for negligence after the patient died three months after being admitted. The lawsuit names Manor Care Inc., Health Care and Retirement…

Ricky Bagolie

South Carolina Sues Drug Companies for Price Scheme

The State of South Carolina has filed a lawsuit to recover over $40 million in taxpayer funds as the State believes several pharmaceutical companies fraudulently manipulated the prices of Medicaid and State Health Plan prescription drug claims. Attorney General Henry McMaster alleges that the pharmaceutical companies intentionally misreported the average wholesale price (AWP) of selected drugs…

Ricky Bagolie

Jury awards $160 million in nursing home suit

A San Antonio jury awarded one of the larged civil judgements ever recorded when it found that a nursing home knowingly paired a frail 81 year old man with a violent, mentally ill roommate who visciously beat him to death.During the 2 week trial, attorneys for the plaintiffs offered evidence that Mendoza’s roommate was involved in 30 assaults before he was paired with the decedant.From San…

Ricky Bagolie

Nursing Home Neglect Still Rampant in America

Consumer Reports says nursing homes around the U.S. are still giving inadequate care for our loved ones and seniors. According to the report, not-for-profit homes generally provide better care than those operated for profit, although most, regardless of whether for profit or non-profit, fell well below the group’s standards for a quality nursing home.

Ricky Bagolie

Crime, Neglect and Abuse Go Unchecked in Nursing Homes

Lawsuits may be the only effective weapon available to end abuse and neglect in nursing homes. The idea is to make is to make it more expensive to give poor care than it is to give good care as most problems are the result of greedy nursing home corporations. According to an article by Evelyn Pringle of opednews.com, “Where a nursing home is located and who owns it was found to be critical…