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15 Passenger Van Rollover Danger

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Asminstration (NHTSA) has reinforced it’s warning that 15 passenger vans pose a serious rollover risk. These vans are unstable at high speeds, with more than 10 passengers or with imporoperly inflated tires and are often used to transport church groups, college students and workers.

According to NewsInferno.com

A new research report confirms that improper tire maintenance on 15-passenger vans is a significant cause of rollover accidents. Mis-inflated tires change the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Surprisingly, 74% of all 15-passenger vans were found to have significantly mis-inflated tires as opposed to only 39% of passenger cars. Failure to use available seat belts also contributes to the high number of injuries and deaths associated with this type of van. Thus, operators are strongly advised to insist that all passengers buckle-up before taking to the road..